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Strong transitions

Murrup's 'Strong transitions’ program, supports children and young people to move through their education journey, and beyond, with confidence.

For many young people, finishing school and heading into the world is something they look forward to. But it can feel overwhelming too. And some services and systems can feel complicated and create barriers to success, especially when you live in a remote community.

Murrup is here to support young people to gain the skills and the tools they need to find work, continue studying and feel prepared for their next stage of their life.

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Murrup supports First Nations young people to be prepared for the world of work and life after school.


In our four partner communities, young people often face barriers to gaining employment, making it difficult to engage in the workforce, achieve occupational equity and thrive beyond school. They also often lack access to skills development opportunities


Currently running in Woorabinda and Palm Island, the Strong transitions program  delivers ‘micro-credentialling’ and place-based training opportunities for young people. The program is providing training and skills development for up to 80 local students, with at least 10 to receive tailored guidance as a part of the partnership.

Participation is open to all young people in Woorabinda and Palm Island between the ages of 15 and 18 years, both engaged and disengaged with school. The skills learned will address individual and community needs to ensure the building of capacity across all dimensions. This program enables First Nations young people the opportunity to take steps to achieving their aspirations for life after school, using a co-design method that enables the young people and program staff to walk side by side. 

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