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Engagement and retention

Murrup's 'School engagement and retention’ program, supports children and young people on their school journey.

Going to school can help develop self-confidence, provides access to friends and positive role models, builds resilience, and gives children and young people a sense of accomplishment. It is also the place where we gain the skills and learn the things we need for work and to lead a healthy and productive life.

But every young person’s experience is different. And there are things that can get in the way of going to and enjoying school.

Some of the ways Murrup encourages school attendance and participation include:

  • Back to School Marches, mid-term events and other engagement activities

  • In-home support for children and young people, and their families, who are struggling or disengaged from school

  • Support for children and young people who are returning to school

  • Support with school readiness  

  • In-class programs to support learning

  • Buddying and mentoring 

  • Awards to recognise attendance and participation

  • Camps and excursions

  • Connecting young people with other services

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